Strategic Opportunities for Students to Transfer to Texas State

Harry BowersOn November 24, Assistant Director Harry Bowers met with Marianne Odem, Chair of the Media Communication Department at San Antonio College (SAC), and members of her faculty. The goal of the meeting was to review changes to both schools’ institutional core and program curricula, and to review and develop strategies to maximize opportunities for two-year college students planning to transfer to Texas State. Assistant Director, Bowers was honored to be informed by SAC that the School of Journalism and Mass Communication is about the most student-centered institution that San Antonio College has worked with in assisting transfer students.

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Graduate students tackle Common Experience theme with class documentary

Where Am I Wearing: A Global Tour to the Countries, Factories, and People that Make Our Clothes is a book by Kelsey Timmerman that was the inspiration for this documentary which is a production of the spring 2013 Documentaries for Digital Media class in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication.

The book was part of the Texas State University 2012-2013 Common Experience program, A Global Odyssey: Exploring Our Connections to the Changing World. In the book, Timmerman travels to the factories in countries that make the clothing most Americans wear, and discovers that most of the workers are paid extremely low wages for 12-to-18-hour workdays. They have no benefits and in most cases, despite the long hours, can barely make ends meet.

This documentary attempts to make that global issue local. Students worked in teams on topics they found within the broad overall subject. The five teams each produced a 4-5 minute segment on their topic which they put together to make the 23-minute documentary shown below:

Where Are You Wearing? from SJMC at Texas State University on Vimeo.

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