Meet the Staff: Daniel Carter – Assistant professor of Digital Media

Carter_Daniel_HeadshotDaniel Carter is one of our newest faculty members in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. As an assistant professor of Digital Media, Daniel is teaching Web Design and Publishing and Online Media Design this semester.

Daniel grew up in Dickinson, Texas, which is a fairly small city about 40 miles southeast of Houston. He is excited to join a program that teaches technical skills to journalists and people entering other communication professions.

“I was also happy to have the chance to teach programming to a diverse group of students who often don’t look like the students we might expect to see in a computer science classroom, for example,” said Daniel.

“I think we’re at a point where we need smart people to think about how we’re using technology to learn about the world and to communicate with each other, and I’m looking forward to working with students to develop the skills and perspectives they need to contribute to that project.”

Daniel likes teaching students how to make things and then getting to see the creative projects they come up with.

“I think that if you really want a say in what world we live in, it’s important to be able to build. I like watching students develop the ability to create projects that express their unique perspectives and that fit their unique needs.”

Right now, Daniel is mostly looking forward to seeing the amazing websites the students in his classes will come up with. If you see Daniel around the halls of Old Main, be sure to give him a hearty welcome to the SJMC!


Meet the Staff: Shawna White

srwhite_factulty-photo.jpgShawna White is one of our newest lecturers in School of Journalism and Mass Communication here at Texas State University. Shawna is from Texas and has spent most of her adult life in San Marcos and Austin. She received my B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Mass Communication from Texas State. She has always wanted to come back to Texas State University as a faculty member, so she is very excited to finally back in class!

White says she appreciates being able to make a difference in the lives of our students.

“Nothing can top when students have those ‘light bulb’ moments, and you know you’ve gotten through,” said White.

“This is my first semester teaching here and my first semester back on a college campus in a couple of years. I’m so happy to be back in a university environment, helping students and conducting meaningful research!”

Be sure to welcome Shawna next time you see her around Old Main!


Meet the Staff: Laura Krantz – University Star Director and SJMC Faculty Member

_DSC0978Lecturer Laura Krantz is the new director at the University Star, the Texas State University student newspaper. Originally from Houston, Laura moved to Albuquerque as a junior in high school, and then attended The University of New Mexico where she had been a junior college student media adviser for 10 years.

She is excited to be part of the pivotal time in a person’s life — the college years — and encourage them to do their best work and usher them out into the “real world.” At Texas State University, Laura loves teaching MC 1313 and seeing students learn the purpose and mechanics of media writing.

Laura likes to watch students who love journalism come onto a college campus and find their “tribe.” Laura’s office at the University Star is always open for students to get advice, so be sure to meet Laura and welcome her to Texas State!

#AlumniSpotlight: Lauren Lee

Lauren Lee graduated from the SJMC with a degree in public relations in 2004. Since then, Lee has become involved in Corporate Media Relations at Dell Inc. in Round Rock. Congrats on your successes, Lauren!


#AlumniSpotlight: Tiffany Young

Tiffany young is a recent 2016 graduate from our Public Relations sequence in the SJMC. While at Texas State, Young served in multiple student organizations, including Student Government, Student Organizations Council, Cat Camp, and Student Foundation. Young is now a Deputy Account Associate at ROSS Communications in Austin. Congrats, Tiffany!

#AlumniSpotlight: Elan Tavor

alumnispotlight_elantavor copyElan Tavor graduated from the SJMC with a degree in Public Relations in 2001. Now a home builder with The Tavor Company and real estate broker with John Daugherty Realtors, Tavor says his degree has been an incredible asset throughout his career.

“I had an incredible educational experience at Texas State (SWT when I was there). The class sizes were small enough to allow for the best professor/student interaction, which allowed me to get the most out of the courses I completed. The professors I had truly had a profound impact on me at the time and what I learned still influences me today. The public relations skills learned at the SJMC have helped me tremendously at various times throughout my career.”

SJMC Study Abroad Part Four: Rome Culture

The following post is the last of a four-part series regarding the SJMC’s 2017 study abroad trip to London and Rome, contributed by graduate student, Joshua Morrison. Be sure to check out the previous three articles if you haven’t already!

In our last post about the 2017 London/Europe study abroad summer session, we talked about how this year’s students were provided the unique opportunity to explore Rome. What we haven’t yet had the opportunity to discuss are the wondrous venues for cultural exploration that the city offers.

With a history spanning over 2500 years, Rome is among the oldest inhabited places in Europe. Its history, both ancient and modern, is riddled with reasons to be excited.

The Colosseum is unlike any structure found in the United States

Among the most marvelous sites students had the chance to visit were the Colosseum and the Roman Forums. These ancient structures are unlike anything one might encounter in the United States, and, despite having seen pictures over the years, students were in awe.

“Being able to see it in person was so different!” said senior Ashley Johnson. “It was amazing.”

Senior Victor Z. Glenn was particularly excited to visit the Forums because of their proximity to Palatine Hill, a significant landmark in Roman mythology.

“It is the alleged home of the wolves that raised Remus, one of the founders of Rome,” he said.

Some students, like senior Kaley Consford, were most interested in a more modern attraction: Cinecitta, known as the Hollywood of Rome. She was, in particular, excited to get a first-hand look at film sets.

“While walking around, I truly felt like I was in a ghost town,” she said. “I would try and imagine a live movie scene happening, or even imagine if the sets were real.”

While in Italy, many students used their free day to take trips to other corners of Italy.

Cinecitta is known to many as the Hollywood of Rome

Senior Brooke Vega spent her time in a Tuscan village, soaking up traditional Italian scenery and enjoying the cuisine.

“The view was amazing from both sides of the village…fields of olive trees, vineyards and the golden grass,” she said. “We had a delicious three-course lunch at a winery.”

Denver Donchez, a senior, spent her time in Florence and was particularly taken with the adventure that comes with traveling without a guide in a foreign city.

“If you’ve never been lost in a foreign city, I would wholeheartedly recommend it,” she said. “There’s just something about being completely immersed in a foreign city that forces you to embrace uncertainty.”


SJMC Study Abroad Part Three: Rome

The following article is the third of a four-part series contributed by SJMC graduate student, Joshua Morrison. Check back tomorrow for the conclusion, or make your way down the page to see what opportunities London had to offer the students. 

With four years now under its belt, the London/Europe study abroad program through the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Texas State University has established an exciting and dynamic format.

For the past four years, the program leaders have taken students to London and a revolving door of additional locations. In past years, the program has had students travel to Cardiff, Edinburgh and Paris. This year’s secondary destination was the grand city of Rome.

By having a rotating stable of locations, the program is able to continuously make new professional contacts for the SJMC and its students. This year, students were able to visit both Il Fatto Quotidiano, a young, independent Italian newspaper, and RAI, Italy’s national broadcasting company.

For students, these visits provided a rare opportunity to see inside news organizations operating in a vastly different context than their own. Unlike the United States, Italy has only two major news outlets. Of these two outlets, one is state-owned and the other is owned by an important Italian politician.

It was thus a fascinating, and inspiring, experience for students to visit an independent news organization like Il Fatto Quotidiano, which has to struggle against the duopoly to find a place in the media market. Students were quick to praise the organization’s independent spirit.

“Stepping into the building, you knew they were something different,” said senior David Coronado. “They are the media that is free in a country with restricted media.”

Graduate student Breanna Salinas echoed Coronado’s sentiments.

“I was completely impressed with Il Fatto Quotidiano because they are fearless in what they write,” she said.

Nonetheless, the students’ visit to RAI provided a valuable perspective as well.

Joshua Morrison, a graduate student, was particularly interested in the way RAI employees conceived of their jobs.

“It was fascinating because even though RAI is state-owned, the employees were still insistent that they work for the public, not the government,” he said.

The visit to RAI also provided students with the unique opportunity to watch a live, in-studio news broadcast, and see all of the technology and preparation that goes into the broadcasting process. 

“Seeing all of the technology and watching how the news program runs behind the scenes was the best,” said graduate student Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher. “I grew up with my dad being a technical director for a local news channel, so I can appreciate all of the hard work that is put in to make a newscast happen at RAI. “

SJMC Study Abroad Part Two: London Culture

The following article is the second of a four-part series contributed by SJMC graduate student, Joshua Morrison. Stay tuned each day his week for more about the European trip or scroll down to check out yesterday’s post if you missed it!

What makes the study abroad format so unique is that the learning is decidedly not limited to the classroom or any formal setting. The unique appeal of the study abroad format is that so much of the learning comes from firsthand, unique cultural experiences.

While this year’s London/Europe study abroad team certainly enjoyed fascinating conversations with industry leaders in London, just see our last post, their experience was made complete by what the city of London itself had to offer.

Some students, like junior Lauren Frank, were most interested in London’s status as a cosmopolitan cultural hub. She said the London Eye, a giant Ferris wheel on the River Thames, gave her a breathtaking view that really drove this home.

“Watching all the massive castles and skyscrapers become smaller and smaller was humbling,” she said. “I found myself in awe of how vast and multi-cultural London really was.”

Others, like junior Lucero Ibarra, were particularly interested in the outlying, more rural areas. She used her free day to get away from the city and explore Rochester, a village with a slower pace of living.

“Surrounded by woods and lakes, I got to experience what my English friend called ‘the real England,’” she said. “Seeing the lush countryside showed me that it was worth going outside of the city to find adventure.”

The easy access to richly historical sites provided ample opportunity for cultural exploration as well. All of the students took a tour of the Tower of London and had the opportunity to see The Crown Jewels. For some, this experience was the highlight of the trip.

“The experience I had at the Tower of London was all my historical fantasies come to life,” said senior Margaret-Katherinne Fast. “A step into a time of intrigue, mystery, and royal betrayal.”

Just being in London provided students with a glimpse into a different cultural climate and way of life. Perhaps one of the most interesting things students had the opportunity to do was simply talk to people, to hear them describe their way of life. That activity certainly resonated with senior Ashley Fajardo.

“I got to sit down and talk with people from the city and see how they lived,” she said. “They made me realize that it’s okay to slow down and take the scenes in, that’s what life is all about.”

Whatever their favorite part of their time in London, students are likely to return to the states with a tiny piece of British culture. Junior Victoria Chacon, for example, fell in love with tea time.

“I hope to incorporate that in my everyday life,” she said.

SJMC Graduates Develop New LGBTQ Magazine ‘BRUNCHCLUB’

Check out this new edition: Two of Texas State’s SJMC graduates have been selected to contribute to the magazine ‘Hello Mr.’ as part of a residency called ‘The Issues.’ Ernesto Macias and Colby Anderson are 24-year-old graduates from the SJMC, now both dedicated to their creation, ‘BRUNCHCLUB’, an editorial that focuses on the quest for truth, culture, and diversity within the LGBTQ community.

The objective of ‘The Issues,’ which will feature Anderson’s and Macias’ work, is to promote and feature stories of LGBT individuals that cannot be found in mainstream media. ‘Hello Mr.’ will be in a partnership of sorts with these creators, propelling them into a larger spotlight by offering them experience, mentorship, and a vast readership. According to the publication, ‘Hello Mr.‘ is a magazine about men who date men.

According to the magazine’s Kickstarter page, “We are a collective of artists and writers that reflect the diverse perspective of the LGBTQ community. When we launched in 2012, we sought to create a platform for emerging talent and unheard voices, and add to the momentum for more inclusive representation in media.”

While Macias and Anderson are proud and excited at the opportunity of their residency, the brand they have built in New York City thus far is beyond impressive. The two note their issue will include, “poetry from the West Texan desert, a day-in-the-life account of a gender queer babe in Ohio, an exploration of the Latinx body in nature, a profile on Costa Rican model, activist, and artist Hazkel, and more.”

The two graduates are now navigating a Kickstarter campaign to gather funds for ‘The Issues’, an endeavor that will help raise awareness for the new stories and promote change within the community.

According to the Kickstarter page, “The funds raised will support the production costs of ‘BRUNCHCLUB‘ and allow it to be distributed inside the next issue of ‘Hello Mr.’ later this summer.”

Check out their campaign to learn more and help them in their mission to keep print alive! Follow their progress on their website ‘BRUNCHCLUB‘, at ‘Hello Mr.’, or any of their social platforms: Instagram and Twitter.