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#FeaturedWorkFriday: Jennings, Tribbey, Mumbach’s, and Markham’s Storify Submissions

Students in Editing for Clear Communication, instructed by Elizabeth Clark, submitted impressive content for their final projects. Students used Storify, a social networking site that gives the user the ability to create visually appealing stories through other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to complete their assignment chronicling the evolution of mass media. Their topics relate to a print publication each student chose to examine, tracking changes in ownership, content, and design, as well as technological advances that occurred across a 20-year time span.

These stories offer an appealing display of how media is ever-changing on a medium that is continuing to evolve the journey of storytelling. Below are the title and links. Check them out!


Rolling Stone magazine names greatest concerts from 2011-2016

By Skyler Jennings




Summary Review of the News in Crisis, by Wired

By Taylor Tribbey





National Geographic: Pictures worth a thousand words

By Ali Mumbach





Traveling with National Geographic

By Caroline Markham



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