Chalk talk with Assistant Director Bowers: A monthly lecture series for students


All events will begin at 3:30 p.m. in Old Main 320.

September 14
All about the SJMC: From admission to graduation and all the stops in between.
Overview: Designed for PACE students and other students concerning a major in the SJMC to learn about entrance requirements, matriculation to full-major status, majors, and academic and co-curricular opportunities in the SJMC.

October 12
Internship, Practicum or Special Topics: Understanding the one-hour media performance requirement required of all B.S. degrees in the SJMC.
Overview: What are the course options? What are the requirements for each of these options? What semesters are the options offered? Opportunities and challenges with each option and planning ahead to maximize opportunities.

November 9
Making every choice count: Concentration options for your major and strategically selecting your MC electives.
Overview: MC electives should not be selected randomly. Strategically selecting electives or a concentration could make a difference in your job search. Learn how to make smart decisions.

November 30
Debunking the Myth: How to graduate in a timely manner.
Overview: Avoiding common pitfalls, understanding prerequisites, maximizing opportunities for academic and career development and positioning yourself to graduate in four years or less.


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