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Film Screening: Parrhesia

stock-photo-filming-creative-video-footage-with-professional-video-camera-during-the-night-305148260Film Screening: Parrhesia Oct 09, 6:30PM – 8:30PM    LBJ Student Center (LBJ); Teaching Theater, 4th Floor

A documentary that Texas State lecturer Salwa Khan has been working on for the past year and half is going to be shown as part of the university Common Experience this Thursday.

The word “parrhesia” refers to speaking the truth fearlessly and boldly, risking yourself to be yourself authentically. Those holding less power have the most to lose when engaging in parrhesia, yet to not speak carries greater consequence than staying silent. Parrhesia is a 66-minute documentary, developed by two professors in the Texas State University Professional Counseling program, in which we meet eight individuals who talk about their journeys in coming to know oppression and how they learned to fearlessly speak up against it. The film will be followed by a panel discussion featuring the directors and interviewees from the documentary. This film invites everyone to dialogue about issues related to oppression and encourages everyone to find their own ways of engaging in parrhesia.

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