Father’s MS challenge inspires a PR purpose


By Brenda Brantley:

As Leah Keyworth prepares to graduate from Texas State University, she is certain of one thing – a future in nonprofits.

When Keyworth was six years old, her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). More than 2.5 million people worldwide suffer from MS and there is currently no known cure. Keyworth’s father has a very progressive form of MS, allowing little feeling and mobility in his hands and legs. Although her father is in a wheelchair, Keyworth says “he has an extraordinary spirit and makes light of his condition.”

In 2011, Keyworth coordinated a poker tournament fundraiser to raise awareness about MS in honor of her father through a local multiple sclerosis nonprofit organization. Her goal was collect $500 in donations. With help from family and friends, she was able to raise more than $3,000. Keyworth was also placed fourth in individual fundraising for MS in Houston.

Now having her feet wet in the nonprofit world and obtaining real-world experience in event planning, Keyworth says she has found her calling.  She is currently the Public Relations Director-Intern at the LBJ Museum in San Marcos. At the museum, Leah coordinates private events for members and fundraises events for the museum. Working for the museum has really given Keyworth insight into nonprofits, as well as further experience with event planning and fundraising.

Keyworth also stays busy planning events for friends and family. On her blog Confetti & Cocktail Parties, she shares pictures of events she has planned, DIY projects, recipes and “inspiration for your next event.”

Keyworth graduated from Texas State University this past May and made plans to return to her hometown in Houston. With her sights set on working for the Multiple Sclerosis Society and a PR degree in hand, Keyworth looks forward to putting her experience into action and becoming a voice for those affected by a disease that needs a cure.







About Josue Plaza
Josue Plaza is a student at Texas State University majoring in Electronic Media.

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