Student Project Showcase: Best of Spring 2014

Each semester, SJMC students create many projects during the semester. These projects give students the chance to demonstrate and practice everything they have learned in their curriculum, as well as apply their own skills. Below is a sample of some of the best work from the classes offered here in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Enjoy!

Free Speech Essays

2014 class in front of the historic Scholz Garten. Pictured left to right: Nathan Moore, Aja Brooks, Kathryn Price, Tara Pohlmeyer, Hailey Morphis and Christopher Henry.

Students in Gilbert Martinez’s 3396E class have published 19 essays about free speech in countries around the world. The class, titled “Free Speech, Free Press, and the Supreme Court of the United States,” encourages students to research and explore contemporary and historical events in their chosen country as they relate to free speech and press issues. All essays are available to read on, which houses a collection of essays about over 40 countries worldwide.

Back in the Day: Pivotal events in American History

Screenshot 2014-05-27 21.42.23

Elizabeth Clark’s Back in the Day project is a collaborative glimpse into five pivotal historical events as students take on the role of archival media researchers. By examining original news coverage, students in her News Writing and Reporting class write summaries and observations of how their chosen event was covered “back in the day.”


Meals on Wheels Public Service Announcement

Students Jeremy Pena and Angel Vidal have produced a PSA for Meals on Wheels, a community assistance service that delivers meals for seniors and others with disabilities. Aside from the meal delivery program, Meals on Wheels and More offers “And More” programs designed to keep people healthy and living in their own homes. Meals on Wheels is always looking for volunteers. Visit for more information.

Select Blogs from Students

Screenshot 2014-05-27 22.07.22

Students in Jon Zmikly and Salwa Khan’s Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media have maintained a blog throughout the Spring semester of subjects of their choice. Each student managed the content that their blog presented. Take a peek!

Cultural traditions around the world:

Podcasting and radio—a ton of great info:

Recycling and re-using

Literate and fun:

Fitness Through Running:

Texas Sounds:

Activism Life:

The Chiving Chef:

Websites Designed and Coded by Students

Screenshot 2014-05-27 22.22.32

Take a glance at some websites designed and coded by students in Jon Zmikly, Jacie Yang and Cary-Anne Olson’s Web Design and Publishing classes. Students used their sites as portfolio pages to demonstrate skills in design, content, and digital media. Here are some below:

Kimberly Cook:

Aisling Clare Niestroy:

Taylor Richardson:

Brooke Boriak:

Taylor Hilpert:

Morgan Londene:

Colin Ashby:

Dillon Behen:

Micah Bustos:



“Our Hometown Heroes” Documentary of San Marcos Integration

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication is proud to showcase a video produced  by students in the digital production class taught by David Nolan.

Our Hometown Heroes is a documentary that reveals first-hand experiences about the integration of Texas State University. Many community members of San Marcos were fundamental to the changes that resulted in the desegregation in student population. The documentary interviews several of the first African-American students of Texas State University as well as many leaders today that discuss what the University provides today in order to become a truly diverse university.

SJMC students receive Stelos Alliance scholarships!

We would like to congratulate students from the School of Journalism and Mass Communications who were among the scholarship recipients at last week’s Stelos Alliance Awards Banquet.

Vanessa Cortez was awarded a $2,000 Student Foundation Scholarship for her work with that organization and her service to the university as student body president.

Jordan Gass-Poore was also recognized with a $2,000 Student Foundation Scholarship for her committee work and for her other campus leadership activities.

Meghan Bates was recognized with a $500 Housley Principled Leadership Award for her contributions as a student in the HPL Program last fall.

Johnathan Gonzales was likewise awarded a $500 Housley Principled Leadership Award for his work in class this spring.

Big congrats to our outstanding students!

Photos from SJMC Student Awards Ceremony

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication was proud to honor our students last week at our Student Awards Ceremony held in Old Main. Take a look at the photos taken by SJMC grad student Melanie Lee!

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