A Bobcat Update for the Books

With only two newscasts into the semester, Drs. Tim England and Ray Niekamp stand proud of their students who write, report and produce the weekly news program Bobcat Update, after Thursday’s program went off without a hitch. England said that in his 20 years of teaching, he’s never seen a showcase-worthy report this early in the term.

“[Thursday’s] newscast clicked. The TV news crew and Ray Niekamp’s video production team performed superbly…students really put a lot of effort into creating the live programs. Under deadline, they work as a team. Thanks to my TA, Dan Seed, for keeping them on track,” said England.

In the newscast, SJMC student Isamar Terrazas put together a package (along with her photographer, Brittany Hansen) on what local and university officials do to prepare for active shooter situations. England commented that Terrazas-Hansen reporting went “above and beyond.” The piece includes sound bites from the police chief, a faculty member and the lieutenant governor.

Also, England said he was delighted that CNN, offered on its newsfeed a package filed by its newest national correspondent and SJMC alum Polo Sandoval. His story on Congressional efforts to raise the minimum wage is also included in the newscast his story.

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