SJMC welcomes new faculty

Each semester we welcome new students into the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, this year being no different. This Fall, however, you’ll also be seeing some new faces throughout the faculty.

We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to some of them:

vanessaDr. Vanessa Higgins Joyce
Dr. Joyce will be teaching Undergraduate Research Methods, Graduate Research Methods, and Media Systems in Latin America (Graduate).  She’s excited about getting involved with the Latino Media Center (El Centro).

“The learning environment here is terrific, and I can’t wait to start teaching!”

_MG_7673Dr. Enrique Becerra
Dr. Becerra is an associate professor at the department of marketing at McCoy College of Business Administration, and has been at Texas State since 2005. This semester he will be teaching International Marketing and is excited to be part of The Center for the Study of Latino Media and Markets.

He recently returned from doing research overseas on the effects of perceived security risk on consumer behavior and is excited about finishing the project and bringing into the classroom all the knowledge that comes from it.

NuckollsKelsey Nuckolls
Ms. Nuckolls has been the Ad Coordinator for the University Star for just over a year and will be teaching Ad Media Sales.

“It’s been fun to plan everything, from the textbook used to topics to guest speakers,” she says of planning for her first time teaching a college course. “I cannot wait to implement all of this into the course!”

BaraschCarole Barasch
Besides teaching a class at Texas State this semester, Ms. Barasch is the communications manager for the City of Austin’s public health department. She’ll be teaching Intro to Public Relations.

“I’m jazzed about meeting and getting to know 40 students and exploring their emerging interests in this arena.”

BensmanMugTodd Bensman
Before coming to Texas State, Mr. Bensman worked domestically and abroad as an investigative newspaper, television, and magazine journalist for more than 20 years. He has reported in more than 20 countries, ranging from Syria and China to Angola and Nicaragua. Domestically, his reporting spurred numerous federal investigations, indictments and convictions.  This semester, he will be teaching Editing for Clear Communication.

“I am particularly looking forward to an active interaction with students,” he says about the upcoming semester.

CaryAnneOlsen5Cary-Anne Olsen
Ms. Olsen will be teaching Web Design & Publishing and assisting with Mass Comm Week. She originally took the class from SJMC associate professor Cindy Royal while Cindy was a PhD student teaching at the University of Texas. Cary-Anne went on to become a Webmaster for UT’s College of Communication Career Services and then Web & Graphic Designer at Concordia University Texas.

“I’m thrilled,” she says, “to be able to teach the class that gave me so many opportunities I otherwise would not have had.”

pdennis-webPatricia Diaz Dennis
Ms. Dennis will be teaching Media Law & Ethics. She hopes to convey her excitement and make the study of constitutional law and the First Amendment fun and relevant for public relations and journalism majors.

“I’m awfully happy to be at Texas State, excited about the class topics, and look forward to benefiting from the students’ perspectives and insights.”

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