Britsch, the one-man band

by Faith Jaschke


Jason Britsch refers to himself as the “one-man band ” at KOSA CBS 7 in Odessa who has covered everything from City Council to wildfires.

“My favorite thing I got to do was live shots during large grassfires that threatened homes because that moment of having all that action going on while you’re talking was amazing,” Britsch said.

Britsch, a Texas State University alumna who graduated December 2010, grew up in Hondo, a town bordering San Antonio. After graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electronic media he drove out to Odessa and dropped off a stack of resumes — only to hear back from the news director a few hours later. He was offered a job at KOSA CBS 7 as an on-air reporter.

Britsch recognizes that not all aspects of his job have been ideal.

“The worst story is anything that involves M-O-S’s (man on the street interviews) because a lot of people hate being on camera,”he said.

Britsch is currently on-air talent doing sports reporting and anchoring. A couple of his most recent assignments have been covering the Dallas Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, California, and covering the Friday night high school football games. This has always been his passion.

“Any sports story I do blows away any news story ever,” said Britsch.

Britsch’s favorite professor was Larry Carlson, senior lecturer for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, because he felt Carlson best prepared him for writing in the professional world. Carlson remembers Britsch as an ambitious student who worked hard to improve. He said Britsch was the student who didn’t make repeated mistakes. Carlson knew he would be on of those students who would keep pushing until he got a job.

“He was a guy who wanted to learn and he did learn,” said Carlson. “He’s made a lot of strides, and I’m just proud for him.”

While Britsch was a student, he worked with Bobcat Update and Bobcat radio. He really liked the campus for its friendly atmosphere. Britsch has only one regret.

“If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t have graduated so early and [I would have] live(d) in San Marcos a lot longer,” said Britsch.

You can follow Britsch on Twitter @txsthason.

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