Alumni Profiles: Melinda Urbina

Melinda UrbinaMany grad students from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Texas State move on to meaningful and diverse careers in the media, and an internship with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is no exception. SJMC grad alumna Melinda Urbina says that working for the NCI’s Multicultural and International Communications branch in Rockville, MD promises to be filled with interesting and valuable learning experiences.

The branch Urbina works with is in charge of communications services and partnerships with foreign countries such as China, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay. It is also in charge of the Spanish versions of NCI’s website, cancer publication of The Bulletin, and YouTube channel. And, the office is currently planning a training workshop/conference for Latin American journalists called Cancer Research in the Media. This workshop is being held in November in Mexico.

“It’s interesting learning about all of the acronyms the federal government uses, and I enjoy spending time with other interns from my intern class,” said Urbina.

“There are a lot of opportunities for professional development and everyone is very helpful and welcoming. The office is excited about me being here and is already putting me to work,” she added.

Internships are a big part of the job discovery process, and they often help students discover their passions in the industry. For more information on internships, check out the Internships page of the SJMC site, or discover job and internship opportunities on the Facebook group SJMC Internships / Careers.

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