Alumnus Mike Emery, pride and homework

by Scot Wortner
emeryMike Emery likes homework. His life and career have evolved over the years thanks to his commitment to always work, learn and stay busy. He does this by giving himself homework.

Emery, a 1993 mass communications graduate, works full time as the senior media relations representative at the University of Houston but also teaches and writes about the arts for a community blog. Emery still credits his days in San Marcos with where he is today.

“I can probably look back and just say I’m proud of at least the last 20 years,” Emery said. “It’s been a constant evolution. Everything that’s happened to me is a direct result of the experience I had at SWT. I’m proud I learned from there and I was able to take what I learned and apply it to my career.”

Inspiration from Texas State
The Kingsville native enrolled in 1988 at what was then named Southwest Texas State University after being inspired by one of his teachers, Nilda Salinas.

“I knew at the time I wanted to go into broadcasting and Southwest was my first choice,” Emery said. “I had a journalism teacher in high school that went to Southwest, thought real highly of it.”

There he made new connections, including Larry Carlson and the late Jeff Henderson. Carlson helped him in radio and broadcasting and Henderson taught him newspapers.

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